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Sokoni.Solar News is an online platform that tends to educate the masses on the economical, environmental, social and political benefits of solar as a source of renewable energy. It serves as a solar energy news brief organ for solar energy enthusiasts and businessmen within the East African Region. Sokoni.Solar News is a product of Sokoni.Solar.

Sokoni.Solar is the first Solar energy online solar market place in Africa where different solar energy suppliers, technicians, energy auditors and contractors have an opportunity to sell their products online and reach the customers. It’s a platform which many customers are really finding it enjoyable to use while sourcing for different solar energy products. Our country Kenya is a market that is becoming renewable energy and online conscious thus making customers looking for the products online. Feel free to sign up and post your solar products on Sokoni.Solar. For the customers its our pleasure to introduce you to Sokoni.Solar News and Sokoni.Solar and meet the suppliers and other like minded people in solar energy industry you have been looking for. If you have a problem in finding the product or service, please contact us or a free quotation and we will link you up to the supplier or the contractor.

In summary our main goal is to  make people harvest the economical benefits of solar energy while saving the environment, lets GIVE THE SUN A CHANCE.

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